Project Description

Shear beam loadcell for floor scale NB2 from China Manuafacturer

General Specifications

DVL NB2 shearbeam

Designed specifically for high accuracy applications in tank and vessel weighing filling systems,platform scales,bagging machinery,belt scales and conveyor systems

Alloy steel material

Available in stainless steel,nickle plated steel alloy and anodised aluminum alloy Usage to

Hopper scales,truck scales,industrial weighing system

CE and OIML approval

.Material Alloy steel or Aluminum
.Usage Floor scales,Hopper scales,Truck scales,Industrial weighing system
.Rated output 2.0 or 3.0mV/V
.Capacity 100kg-3000kg
.Zero Balance ±0.0200 mV/V
.Ultimate Overload 200 %R.O.
.Safe Overload 150 %R.O.
.Maximum Excitation 15 VDC
.Construction Steel Alloy
.Mode of Connection Red(EXC+),Black(EXC-),


DVL NB2 shearbeam 02