Project Description

OIML loadcell Shearbeam 30kg,60kg,100kg,150kg,200kg,300kg,500kg,800kg,1000kg for weighing scales China supplier

With OIML certificate

ZEMIC or MAVIN brand

Alloy steel material

For Weighing Scale,platform scales,floor scales,blending scales,bench scales

Loadcell with foot

CE and RoHS approval

DVL Loadcell Shearbeam 02

High luminance and good stability

Indoor or outdoor use 3″ 5″ 8″

Red and Green LED display choice

Wireless weighing instruments

Programmable to meet your needs

Optional wireless

Optional shield for sunligh

With corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard

.Material Alloy steel or Aluminum
.Usage Price computing scales,counting scales,weighing scales,retails scales,platform scales,bench scales,floor scales
.Output Analog SENSOR
.Capacity 6kg-1000kg
.Zero Balance ±0.0200 mV/V
.Ultimate Overload 200 %R.O.
.Safe Overload 150 %R.O.
.Maximum Excitation 15 VDC
.Construction Aluminum Alloy
.Mode of Connection Red(EXC+),Black(EXC-),