Project Description

1mg High precision laboratory workshop balance manufacturer

General Specifications

BL-H2 Portable Type of Precision Balances 02

Unit conversion function

Counting function

With windshield

Tare,percentage function

Programmable to meet your needs

Battery Provice up to 80 hours of continuous use (without backlight)

Optional RS-232 interface can connect to computer or external printer

Single point and three points calibration

.Display LCD with white backlight, Red LED and Green LED
.Capacities 300g~6000g
.Pan Size Φ130mm,156*180mm
.Keyboard 4keys
.Unit g,lb,oz,ct.tola
.Housing ABS plastic
.Max. Divisions 30,000d~200,000d
.Operate Tem  10ºC ~ +40ºC
.Power AC adapter(8v/500mA),internal rechargeable battery (6V/1.2Ah)
.Gross weight 2.3kg



BL-H2 Portable Type of Precision Balances 04BL-H2 Portable Type of Precision Balances 05

BL-H2 Precision Balances

Model Number Capacity Readability Division Approval
BL-300H2 300g  0.01g 30,000d CE
BL-600H2 600g 0.01g 60,000d CE
BL-1500H2 1500g 0.01g 150,000d CE
BL-2000H2 2000g 0.01g 200,000d CE
BL-3000H2 3000g 0.1g 30,000d CE
BL-6000H2 6000g 0.1g 60,000d CE