Project Description

Accurate LED External weighing remote display for scale

General Specifications

Big remote display

High luminance and good stability

Indoor or outdoor use 3″ 5″ 8″

Red and Green LED display choice

Wireless weighing instruments

Programmable to meet your needs

Optional wireless

Optional shield for sunligh

With corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard

.Display LED display
.Screen Size 1″  3″  5″  8″
.Interface RS-232/RS485
Wireless transmission distance No less than 300 meters
.Unit kg
.Housing Stainless steel and coated steel
.Operating Temperature:  -10C to + 40C
.Operating Environment Brightness: 0 to 1000LX
.Input Voltage 187 to 242Vac 50HZ
.Packing Carton packing and pallet